Friday, June 18, 2010

Summer Planning

Since it is summer, I'm sure a bunch of us are planning for the new year, especially with our new standards rolling out. As you are working on your curriculum mapping for next year, please keep in mind this blog. If you have anything you would like to share with the other art teachers in the county, please email me at so I can upload it and we can maximize the use of this blog.

Some things that might be helpful to others...
  • Tried and true lessons for yours-- ones that the kids enjoyed and were successful with
  • Materials management strategies-- how do you order, stock, and keep track of your materials?
  • Sketchbook ideas
  • Budget tricks-- how do you make the most of your budget, what do you spend the majority of your money on, what products are worth the money, what products are not worth the money
  • Competitions/Art Shows-- do you have any dates for upcoming art shows or competitions within the county or state?
  • Classroom set up-- what are some strategies you use to make your classroom most efficient?
Hope you all have a wonderful and safe summer!

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